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Could you, would you, ban a book?

Well… perhaps. Let's have a look!
Would it make a baby zazzard cry?
Does it claim two-headed snigs can fly?
Are its pages getting old,
Covered in purple-spotted mold?
What about the cover page?
Do the drawings show their age?
Would they offend a wizened wurple sage?
Fill his giant, wurpled head with rage?
The Johnsons claim it doesn’t rhyme.
The Crandals say it’s out of time.
The Van Duckets think the book should stay
Or else we must throw every other one away.
The Council of Karoods weighs in tomorrow--
For now there's no spare copy to borrow!
So, will you ban this book today?
No. (But let’s just stash it away!)

--Brandon Kidd 🙂

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