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What is Bibliotherapy?

It has been more than a century since the term Bibliotherapy was introduced to describe the practice of using literary materials to address mental health issues. Today, it used as an umbrella term to cover a variety of clinical and non-clinical interventions involving books, reading and communication around texts.

Bibliotherapy applications range from one-on-one and group sessions run by psychologists and psychiatrists, to collaborative "Books on Prescription" programs offered by public libraries partnering with healthcare organizations, to "shared reading" and "guided reading" programs facilitated in a variety of settings, including libraries, schools, retirement homes, hospitals, drug rehabilitation units, shelters, community centers, and prisons.

Who's part of the Collective?

We are a collection of librarians and educators who strongly believe in the transformative power of literature and who have been integrating Bibliotherapy-based reading programs into library services and educational and community programs in Canada. We welcome collaboration with other wellness professionals interested in exploring, develop Bibliotherapy.

What is the BCC's mandate?
  • To promote and raise awareness about Bibliotherapy among librarians, educators, community service providers, etc.

  • To share information about Bibliotherapy projects in Canada and abroad

  • To share resources: book lists, book reviews, and thematic compilations of readings

  • To stimulate discussion around Bibliotherapy

News & Updates

What's happening to develop Bibliotherapy across Canada.

Poet's Corner

COMING SOON -- Short pieces of poetry and prose to use in group Bibliotherapy sessions with reading guides and other supplementary material.

References & Training

Resources on and about the practice of Bibliotherapy.

SEL & Bibliotherapy

Socio-emotional learning and the practice of Bibliotherapy.